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Confirmed Transfer James Maddison


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Two and a Half Men won awards too, that means nothing.
Of course it does. It denotes who is the best at the moment in time.

Like the Premiere League Champions they were the best that season. They may be unfashionable now, but they had their day.

Miles Away

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Of course it does. It denotes who is the best at the moment in time.

Like the Premiere League Champions they were the best that season. They may be unfashionable now, but they had their day.
If they picked premier league champions based on critics/pundits voting and fan attendance we’d have won **** all. Like Cardiff.


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Lucky bastard.
Strictly a social encounter sadly.

She used to run the pub quiz. She was still a student then so was just Alice. My girlfriend at the time didn't like her but always insisted we go to the pub quiz just so she could win, walk up to collect the prize & look daggers at her.

It was pretty amusing to be fair, especially as I was a decade older than both of them.
Kind of like indulging in one last go at being young before surrendering to middle age. To be honest if I had a choice of one period of my life I could go back & live over again that would probably be it.

Brown Nose

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It seems that Maddison is the most fouled player so far this season despite Zaha's whinging.

The essence of football is the balance between attack and defence. This has to be right to maximise the impact of the better forward and defensive players as well as to ensure that the contest is worth watching.

For some reason, almost everyone has lost interest in the art of defending and it is now all about goals and forward players. Defending is becoming increasingly difficult. The slightest thing and a player collapses to the floor. Maddison is one that appears to have learnt from an early age to go to ground as soon as he's touched. Vardy, Mahrez and Okazaki are also players that look to fall over whenever possible.

Defenders that employ 'borderline' tactics to stop attacking players are fine by me. I loved watching our title winning back four who all excelled in it. It feels like that approach is dying with them though. Now it's all about which team has got the best forwards . . .

So I tend to view the moaning from the likes of Zaha as whiny shite from players that think it's their right to take the piss out of defenders. There were few pleasures as good as seeing a defender clean out a nippy winger by the touchline with a sliding tackle. It's wrong that it's no longer deemed okay.


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Players collapse to the floor because if they don’t refs won’t give a foul the advantage law seems to be 1 pass and it’s over so trying to stay up isn’t worth it


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The same Zaha who is renowned for being a pathetic cheating diving bastard

As is Vardy, sadly, and Maddison looks worse than both of them

Rock Fox

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I have a degree in archaeology & classical history. Part of my subconscious suspects the rest of me of only doing the course because it might have helped me meet her. It may have a point. Sadly it didn't work. I had to make do with Dr Alice Roberts in a pub in Bristol.
Yes - you Archaeologists always managed to pull the birds - it's all them bloody fancy vowels ain't it?


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He could be a big player, that's for sure.

Needs to keep some of his in game cockiness in check though.


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That was his problem, he was very one footed and he was hopeless in the air. He was a very good player but not as good as the hype that surrounded him.
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