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Junior -Come in number 26 your time is up

Junior Lewis - who will take him off our hands

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Looks like Junior's been discarded like a broken toy after Christmas after he lost his number to a certain Scottish youngster. I hear he scored an overhead kick in the last reserve match could be one his last contributions to the City cause. Lets review his contribution to City and what memories we have of him .

Initially signed on loan, Junior made his debut in the Premiership at Southampton and then several days later at home to Chelsea. He was an immediate hit with the fans, spraying the ball around in midfield and looking comfortable in his new surroundings.
In his five match loan spell, he helped Leicester to victories over Chelsea, Liverpool and Sunderland and boss Peter Taylor was keen to bring him to Filbert Street on a permanent basis. Negotiations with Gillingham were smooth and a £50,000 fee was agreed.
Junior featured in six Premiership games early in the next season and when Taylor left, taking the manager’s job at Brighton, Junior soon followed on loan which turned out to be successful for both parties.
He returned to the Walkers Stadium for the 2002-03 season and in that time he scored his only senior goal for the club. The script seemed to have been written as he netted against his former club Gillingham in a 2-0 victory.
He played 12 times for Leicester last season. They never lost when he was on the field winning 10 of the matches.
He hasn't played since OR EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds a bit like an Obituary I know but with MA giving his number to Canero its the end of his career here IT MUST BE PLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!!!!


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Thanks for the memories Junior....... :wink:

Good luck to him wherever he goes - He couldn't help being so crap! :wink:


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no - he couldnt help it - he is a seriously nice guy though, ive met him twice hes really courteous and polite and has time for you i hope he goes somewhere where he can achieve cos hes a nice guy
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