Post Match Leicester 0 Leeds 1

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Plan A doesn't work EM simply doesn't have a Plan B. So many times this season we've found late goals with Plan A so I do get it, but if it isn't working at all surely you must try to vary it a bit.

Leeds were set up just right against us. We played into their hands. To be honest, Leeds didn't play very well and were wasteful but they did deserve their win.

Vardy was diabolical this evening. He hadn't got a clue what he was doing. Iheanacho should have started and his link up would have been useful but by the time he was on we were chasing it so it made no sense for him to be so deep. EM got his starting forward and change wrong.

There is so much reliance on the two wingers in this system. They have to create everything. Both played well tonight but the lack of variation meant that Leeds just knew what we were going to do every time.

I was hoping for a game like the one against Sunderland where we had a right go at each other. However, EM got it wrong tonight by avoiding that kind of match. He wanted to dominate and control the pace of the game and that was dumb. The space against Leeds was not where we were playing most of the time.

For the first time this season, that one is on EM. Poor management. Ze system is all zat matters.
Leeds fans were wicked. ****s but wicked.

We played alright, lack bite but we'll come again.

If we play others like that we'll win the league easily.

P. S. I is pissed
There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. I watched it in a pub with a DJ's set getting progressively louder as the game went on. And, by the way, the dancefloor was empty the whole time, even after some attractive women finally entered the venue.

Ricardo was incredible. Casadei... it's a strange one isn't it? I can see why he doesn't start when Ndidi is fit. It's funny how much hype there was when he signed compared with how it's actually panned out.

Leeds were better in every department. The speed at which they started the game was incredible. As Brown Nose Brown Nose alludes to, and as I said to my dad who was sat next to me, this is what it looks like to see 'the system' torn apart.
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Naive bollocks of the highest order and that includes the manager who didn't act on the need to change the way we play against an opposition who were in our faces all game.

I'm not going to go into the detail because I can't be arsed.

There is more for this coaching team to take away from this game than any other this season, I just hope they do and don't stubbornly dismiss it.

Also the fans need a dose of reality because some of them are completely ****ing deluded and think we should just beat everyone.

I also don't mind losing as much when we have a group of players and manager who actually want to be here.

Oh and Casadei is absolutely shit and we need central midfield reinforcement in January.
If I take that match in isolation, it was a steaming pile of shit apart from the last 20 minutes of the first half.

So many passengers out there, and Enzo got it wrong tonight. Only two subs used was crazy and there was a complete lack of a Plan B. I know I’m a bit old school at times but could we not just chuck Daka on for Vestergaard with 10 mins to go? If we end up losing 2-0, does it really make that much of a difference?

If I take that match in the context of this season, it’s a “meh, move on”.
Meh, bunch of ****s

Leeds were pretty decent, if not spectacular, as I thought they would be - but you absolutely cannot play a team like that when you are carrying a number of passengers.

Casadei was just dreadful and awful and hopeless and should have been hooked at half time, if not before. KDH went missing for the whole of the first half and a good portion of the second. Vardy was absolutely ****ing atrocious.

Even with that shower of shite going on we were well in the game, thanks to the two wingers, the fabulous Harry Winks, and the simply outstanding Ricardo. ****ing hell, he was quite amazing.

For the first time so far this season, Maresca ****ed up the subs. Casadei and Vardy should have come off at half time, and we were crying out for McAteer for those last twenty minutes. The right decisions at the right time would have got us over the line, even on a very poor night. What he didn’t know, of course, was that Iheanacho was going to play like a total and utter hopeless **** - well maybe he should have guessed, because I ****ing well did. Total horseshit. I am desperately hoping this Cannon kid is half decent, ‘cos I’m beginning to think that Daka should be playing and I know perfectly well that is a totally ****ing insane thing to be thinking.

Highlight of the night was that chase back and tackle from Hamza. Simply wonderful

Other than that, meh

Bunch of ****s
Oh, and Wilf plays in that game and it’s a home win, guaranteed
Hmmmmm. I was out at a do this evening, so couldn’t be there. Gave our tickets away and the only other time that has happened so far this season was for the Hull game. I’ve realised I need to be there and therefore am more important than any player.

I’m fairly leathered but that’s the only conclusion I can reach.
James Justin is ****ing useless. **** off.
He’s not, and he shouldn’t

But we do really miss Doyle. We’ll get through till January but hopefully we already have a left-footed defender lined up.

I want to give Casadei time but I just don’t see the potential. It’s like being a man light when he’s in the midfield. Wilf and Yunus being out at the same time is a big blow. I know Yunus is a different type of player but I think he has a lot of quality. I’d consider Mcateer for that attacking midfield position in the short-term.

Hopefully Cannon is introduced soon. We miss a presence up front. Fatawu and Mavididi did well enough tonight but we had nothing through the middle.

Ricardo far and away our MOTM in my opinion.

But, we played poorly and were one great save away from getting a point. Everyone’s glass should still be more than half-full. Win 13 of the next 15 and we’ll be well sorted. This is three meh (at best) performances in a row tho’ so something for Enzo to work on.
I don't mind this loss - will hopefully stop any assumption within the squad that we're too good not to get promoted, and perhaps don't have to work hard to win games. This is a reality check. We've been lucky recently, and very wasteful with our finishing (this should be a focus during the international break).
I just don’t think he is that good.
Neither did Chelsea think that of De Bruyne or Salah.

He’s out of form and off pace but give the lad some time. He’s clearly got something or he wouldn’t have made it this far.
KDH was very poor for all the first half and a lot of the second. He seemed to be playing much further forward than normal and Caesar made it look like we only had 10 men. Vardy was very poor.
Hard to be critical of a team that has won 13 games out of 15. However in many of those games the dominance has not translated into the goals that may have been deserved/expected. I understand the philosophy and am enjoying the football, but the ammount of chances possibilities that are passed up in favour of a pass backwards does cost us a lot of opportunities. I think the difference in the footballing IQs of winks, Ricardo, vestergard and faes is clear to see. They no where to go and can turn forwards, pick a pass and seem to be a move ahead. The more attacking midfielders lack this a bit and do slow down the momentum regularly. A single pass to a winger is often passed up in favour of using the player, 2 players in between and the moment has gone. The hard work of bringing a team onto us is so often wasted with our reluctance to move it forwards once they are there.
For this season, the result is merely a wake up call; reminding us that we have to do more than just turn up. In terms of the longer time future, it is more worrying: IF we gain promotion, a home game against a team like Leeds will be the one that we are expected to win. The system we play is very open for the Premier League.
Neither did Chelsea think that of De Bruyne or Salah.

He’s out of form and off pace but give the lad some time. He’s clearly got something or he wouldn’t have made it this far.

I know what you mean but quite a few players manage to get far without having something. Danny Ward was a first choice prem keeper and plays for his country...
Cassidy needs dropping for a few games as it can't be doing his confidence much good. If he's still shit after a break then we should let him go.
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