Post Match Leicester 1 Sunderland 0

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Turned it off with 10 minutes to go. Not out of entitlement or disgust or anything twattish… I just feared I might have a heart attack.
Cold, mid-season slog with Sunderland. We win. We move on.

Not much else to say really. Was nice to see Patson.

27 points clear of relegation.
16 points clear of 7th
14 points clear of 3rd
One of our most difficult wins so far this season. But good to see we've got it in us to grind one out too.

I do worry about gaps we leave at the back sometimes still, but I really like Mads. We're just a lot more clinical than other sides. And you can't argue with 12 wins out of 13!

I still feel like this team can get better, which is crazy when we're already dominating the league.
Toughest game of the season that. I thought we were very good in the second half. Casadei grew into the game. Vestergaard is absolutely fantastic for us.

To add, as close as it was, we should have scored at least three more goals.
We rode our luck a bit especially 2nd half. On another day we’d have been 4-0 up.

We keep winning games like this we will be out of sight by Xmas.

I expect a few more nervy frustrating games, we are certainly not the finished article the press are starting to make us out to be.
We were extremely lucky to win that and keep a clean sheet, saved only by their inability to take a chance.

They played really well, better than we were prepared for probably.

The referee was ****ing shocking. Missed a pen for both teams, or rather missed one for them and bottled giving us one/doesn’t understand the rules. The rest of the time he let them get away constant shirt pulling and holding.

Looking at the QPR game I imagine we will heavily rotate with Leeds in mind.

Whatever the performance though it’s an absolutely ludicrous points haul, these games win you titles and promotions.
This league can turn quickly. Not long ago I was wondering where Preston had found their form and wondering how long they could stay on top of the league. Now we are 15 points clear of them in a matter of weeks.
Sunderland looked like the best team we have played this season They came here to win and consistently beat us to the ball in mid-field and looked very dangerous in attack. Fortunately, we have a very well drilled defence and Vesty was enormous. His yellow card count is going to cause us problems after Christmas. Still, a win is a win and the points total is getting ridiculous.
Sunderland were much better than I'd expected. A fair chunk of my attention went on the ref who was just awful...wont accuse him of bias as i think he just wanted both sides to suffer.

Fine margins today as we could've easily had a crap result or we could have bummed them properly. Hopefully their keeper misses the reverse fixture through having crabs or something.
Loads of long balls which I found interesting. I'm not sure where they were going but there must be a better tactic when we're under the cosh.

Vestergaard was ****ing brilliant I thought. Winks, too. How the hell is Fatawu this good at 19? We simply have to sign him permanently. And he didn't even have his best game for us today.

Sunderland have demonstrated how best to play against us. We needed to be a bit smarter when they were running at us. We seemed to panic a bit and make mistakes.

Patterson was first class. I can see why he was so highly rated and why we were linked with him last season. Any other keeper and we'd have buried them earlier. Happy happy happy.
I thought that was a good challenging game.

Miserable ****s
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