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Post Match Leicester 2 Brighton 1


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We are looking like a decent side however naive. Rogers will bring the knowhow.
I think it's fair to say that the players tonight still lack some knowhow but managed a good win.
Now the games over we can put puels reign to rest.
We move forward now... There's no point looking back. We have a young side with real talent.


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Good first twenty minutes, but the rest of the first half was dreadful - although we created more proper chances than in the last five games

Huffed and puffed through the second, and much improved when Stowell moved Maddison further forwards.
Brighton were horribly shit, but we didn’t turn up for much of the match, and they could actually have won the bloody thing.

Defensively, Chilwell had a shocker, Maguire not my ch better. Maddison so horribly wasteful, Gray disappeared for large parts of the game, and Tielemans struggled after the first fifteen mins. Vardy was truly awful in the first half, but in the second he had a cracker. Barnes looked very good throughout, as did Ricardo

We scored first, we made some genuine chances rather than desperate long shots, and we actually won a sodding home game. And the whole ground was heaving a collective sigh of relief for all of that, and the realisation that that hopeless feckwit is finally out of the Club.

Nice, but work to be done here, Brendan, work to be done

Brown Nose

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Well, I saw lots of differences from Saturday. Starting with the distribution from Schmeichel which was much improved because he was free to do what he wanted, through to the freedom afforded to Vardy to chase down more and run the channels.

We didn't play well but that was mainly down to the confidence of several of the players being very wobbly. The reason we won was nothing to do with luck. It was because we did positive things more often which resulted in two well made home goals.

That midfield five today though - Barnes 21, Gray 21, Maddison 22, Tielemans 21, Ndidi 22. Rodgers will be desperate to get on the training ground with that lot. They've all got talent and they've all got real weak areas that can be coached out of them.


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A few games ago , Puel didn't start with Vardy up front.
The first half showed why.
Next season, Vardy will be one hell of a sub to bring on after 60 minutes.
He still has a future for us, but I personally believe, not as a starter.
We'll see.


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Oh, and we still have a bunch of ****s amongst our supporters.
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City Fan

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A few games ago , Puel didn't start with Vardy up front.
The first half showed why.
Next season, Vardy will be one hell of a sub to bring on after 60 minutes.
He still has a future for us, but I personally believe, not as a starter.
We'll see.
Yes, what a shithouse he is...

City Fan

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I thought we were pretty lucky to win that game, but thankfully Brighton missed some sitters and Schmeichel made a couple of great saves.

Attacking wise we were ok, and both goals were as a result of great moves and super passing.

It’s a breath of fresh air to have a central midfielder who can pass the ball forwarsa in Tielemans. I hope we throw every penny we have at him in the summer to keep him.

Defensively we were an absolute shambles at times, particularly whenever Brighton had a corner. Knockaert’s deliveries were superb. I’d have him back here just so we can take Maddison off our set pieces.


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Patchy game, we were well on top for the early part of the first half and unlike under Puel, we scored! Sometimes a lift in morale and confidence helps these things happen and the luck turns your way as well. The opposition misses chances instead of taking them.

I thought our best players were Gray, Barnes, Wilf &, not far off, Riccardo. As a lone striker you can't expect to see much of Vardy but he did what he's there for... score. I don't think a goal from him was likely under Puel.
Chilwell wasn't as prominent as usual... he was our main outlet under Puel; looks like he was under instruction to hold back a bit and let Barnes have the run of the left flank more. It did Barnes the world of good. Always dangerous. As was Gray. They both squandered chances, but that's just youth and confidence... Barnes is going to be immense next season and I hope Gray matches him. He may well. With a good coach, manager and mentor...

Maddison is starting to infuriate me; his early season form has got to his head but even he must be starting to realise he isn't cutting it at the moment and for the first time the crowd let him know that they think so too. Rogers needs to kick his ar$e & make him perform at the level that he was brought here to do. The amount of misplaced paces he did was not far short of shocking. Then the sideways passes in the second half. Looked like he was trying to the Mendy & Wilf show on his own. Sure he made the goal with a good pass but he's Mr Inconsistency & under-achievement at the moment.

The Watford game is going to be VERY interesting. Let's see what Rogers can get them to do.
Surprise of the game? (Apart from Maguire's impression of Messi in the 2nd half), Mendy made a brilliant cameo. He was REALLY good!


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Scoring first was invaluable.
We took risks and passed the ball well with some silky skills.
The defence made some mistakes but on the whole very positive.
Kasper was phenomenal. As was Barnes.
Brighton were not awful, they missed plenty of good chances.
Atmosphere was fabulous - lifted and vibrant.
I'm delighted.

Rock Fox

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As many have pointed out a rather patchy performance but - Two decent goals.
Loved it when Harry 'Slabhead' Maguire suddenly thought he was Harry 'Mahrez' Maguire and dribbled his way through their defence!
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