Post Match Leicester 3 Newport 0

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Elon Bust

Well that wasn't much fun.

The waggle your phone to get in thing was a shambles before kick off. They'd made it very difficult to get paper tickets for this one in order to test their shiny new system but so many people couldn't get in and it seemed to clog up just about every turnstile. I stood queuing to get in for about 20 minutes in the pouring rain. **** modern football.

I took a seat next to the dugout tonight in order to observe the goings on. Nice to see Huth involved with the coaching staff but it looked like he pissed off at half time. Toure has been relegated off the bench now. He sits next to Sadler in the crowd and spent most of the match on his phone. That guy is first team coach in name only.

Stowell was very subdued as well. He's on the bench but doesn't have much to do now he's not responsible for the set pieces. He looked on forlornly as the new fella went about giving out instructions. I can also report that Brendan hasn't sorted his trousers out from last season. He's still pulling them up too often.

There wasn't a lot to interest me on the pitch. I wanted to see Iversen live but he hardly touched the ball. He is nervous in possession though. Ward is far from convincing but he's better with his feet than Iversen. Hence why Rodgers prefers him. I still think Iversen is the better keeper though.

There was **** all to report of note from the game. Nobody was much good and nobody was utter shite. Vestergaard and Rodgers were a sight to behold when Brendan tried to give his defender some instruction before coming on. He really needed a step ladder to save his neck and maybe that's the reason why he's been frozen out. Too difficult to talk to.

Newport were a waste of a kit. Their keeper was very small with a massive arse. Oh and I got to see Wout Faes's backside at one point and it's really rather impressive. Happy Xmas, see you again on Boxing Day.

I enjoyed reading all of this apart from where you say "hence why".


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Hopefully with Arse and Spuds knocked out some of the big clubs get drawn together in the next round.
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