Post Match Leicester 4 Sporting Braga 0

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That was impressive. The toughest opposition in the group and we made it look easy even with the injuries and rotation.

Brendan has to take a lot of credit for getting the best out of these players, I think most of us felt we were very weak outside of our best 11 but Brendan is getting performances that will make some of our rezerves tough to drop.

Brown Nose

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Very impressive from City.

Hands up, Choudhury was excellent and my MOM. Maddison looked good but he needs to find consistency now. That was his first assist of 2020!

Iheanacho was a lethal mess. Nice birthday evening for Schmeichel.

Rodgers is managing the campaign very well.


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That performance ought shut a lot of us up, myself included. What a frekkin' squad we have. I don't want our 'key' players back, they'll disrupt the impetus of our B team!

Braga were supposedly the team to beat, the experienced European team - we demoralised them, their heads dropped. Put another 10 minutes on that game and we'd have scored a couple more.

I think we've got serious competition for places now, and that's excellent.

So many good performances but I want to applaud Hamza. Not just for how he played tonight but also for how he's got his game back. That was (another) mature and controlled performance from him.


I was worried about this season following the return and our unimpressive restart and form from the start of the year. But whatever they've been doing behind the scenes in the close season and the beginning of this is nothing short of amazing.

Loving watching the team play at the minute, so many young uns that are looking quality, so many old uns still showing quality. Missing massive players at the same time. The place must be buzzing at the moment. We're adept now at soaking up the play, attacking on the counter, or playing through the lines.

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Fantastic performance all round against a team who are no mugs at this level.

I wasn’t convinced about a back 5 going into this match (and the Leeds match for that matter) as I’ve always thought it was more effective against the likes of Man City and Arsenal. But we’re clearly getting more used to it and it’s working well. It’s clear Brendan wants a back 3/5 as our ‘go to’ formation, as shown in his first match against Watford.

Fair play, can’t complain.


So much positivity makes a refreshing change. Personally I think there was an element of good fortune with three of the goals. However the all round performance was nothing short of excellent. Hamza defying his critics. Maddison MOTM by a country mile. Great opportunity to go top of the prem at the weekend . We couldn't could we ?


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Yes, there was an element of luck/jamminess to Nacho's goals/assist - but they all count and we by and large were worthy of the goal difference. We had them on the rack in the 2nd half.

Yes, we could go top Sunday. Wolves are a much tougher proposition (no, hang on, Braga beat Wolves so they must be better) and I personally am not expecting anything other than a test of our current confidence levels. I certainly don't see us dominating the game. With empty stadium results going as they are at the moment, I make no predictions. She-it Man U may even beat Everton!

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Nacho Man had a good game...

He was phenomenal.

You could argue an element of fortune with his goals and assist, but you create your own luck.


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100% passing accuracy (!!) 100% take-ons success 4 shots 3 ball recoveries 3 take-ons completed 3 shots on target 3 chances created 2 goals 1 assist

What!? OUR Kelechi? Can't be!

I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was a pass; a scuffed pass but a pass nonetheless. In fact, it's the scuff that tilts me towards believing him!


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He can keep ****ing things like that up all the rime as far as I'm concerned as long as the end result is the same.
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