Match Thread Leicester v Norwich

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The problem for Fatawu is he is completely isolated as our set up is naturally unbalanced.

Ricardo coming into CM means he has no back up unless Faes comes in to play, but that leaves us wide open for the counter.

On the otherside Doyle almost plays like a traditional FB so Mavididi gets the support, plus KDH naturally drifts to that side of the pitch too.

Probably worth swapping them over for 10-15 mins as Abdul is definitely having the better game.

Not a huge criticism, as we have been well on top but we do need to threaten goal much more for all our possession.

Surprised by Norwich as I thought they would offer much more of a threat so far but they have clearly just been trying to contain us.

Finely poised second half as I think Norwich are better attacking than trying to defend but that should hopefully give us a bit more space attacking.
I think I just saw the ultimate Maresca moment.

We dominate the game, they're not in it. We then concede from a shithouse corner trick & their first meaningful attack.
We get back into it, score a nice goal...& what do I see ?

Camera cuts to Enzo on the it the universal " calm down, calm down " signal ?

You ****ing what mate ?

I don't give a **** what he meant by it, the body language is totally wrong. I want to see the opposite in that situation.
I want to see " go **** them up & show them who the better team is "

It's probably just a small thing. Probably doesn't mean a lot. But it really pissed me off.

I felt like I could see into his head & all i saw was " oh that's slow down & don't do anything risky "
We looked a lot better after we scored, good to see us at least trying after conceding.

We can definitely win this but I think Daka is having a horrible game. I'd hook him for Nacho.
Mavididi has put 2 really good balls in so far this half and no one attacking them.
Not open for further replies.
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