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Match Thread Leicester v Wolves

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Good to see Praet on the bench. It's also a nice reward for Choudhury to be starting after an excellent end to last season and his pre-season performances.


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Wow, Ndidi starting is a surprise. Especially Ndidi starting alongside Choudhury. 2 defensive mids I'd assume not going to be our usual set up but a nod to the threat Wolves offer - they are a good team. Or perhaps helping out the defence while we adjust to life without Maguire.

I'm never so sure on Maddison on the left but imagine that attacking three - with Youri and Perez - will have a lot of fluidity.

Love a bit of Hamza though so glad to see him in the starting lineup.


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Maybe I've been wrong and it's a diamond and that is why we've brought in Praet after all.

Id be surprised though - we haven't set up that way in pre season? I still think it's Madders on the left


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I'd reckon it as a 41212
Pereira Evan's Soyuncu Chilwell
Tielemans Ndidi
Vardy Perez


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No Gray in the squad. A real signal from Rodgers for him to up his game.
Interesting one for sure. Didn't even notice hwas missing until you said it. Down the pecking order now though

Says a lot for the strength of our squad though!


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And I'm back to staying up very late to watch football. 11pm kick off here, not bad. Usually it's 2am.


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Come on then Leicester! let's see some action. For me this season is all about entertainment after boring Claude for most of last season, **** the top six I don't care let's just make it interesting and enjoy Brendans' crazy ride
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