Liverpool Press Conference

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There is an announcement at noon today regarding Houllier's future, if as expected he is sacked then the manager merry-go round will start, I dont think MA will have been discussed for this job but maybe Charlton if Curbishly gets it, there will be a lot of nervous Celtic fans about also!


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This is the most exciting bit of footballing news for months, I am well pleased something is kicking off, football has been boring for ages. Since the pathetic transfer windows, football has been dead in terms of juicy rumours and stories for a long time.

I hope O'Neill gets the job, I would like to see Liverpool challenge the big three.


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I really can't wait to see O'Neills celebrations again, it's a shame we've been relegated let's hope we get them in the cup.

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I think Steve Bruce might be offered the job - some Liverpool fans don't want a forien coach.


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Fox Fan said:
I think Steve Bruce might be offered the job - some Liverpool fans don't want a forien coach.
Hope so, then Muzzy might not go, or maybe go to liverpool.


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I said it all season since the start its similar to what happened at Leicester and that was my reason for saying it...

I said Liverpool will keep Houlier to the end of the season, Houllier will then get sacked, O'neill will deny and deny that hes going to Liverpool, then O'neill will go to Liverpool...Its a carbon copy of what O'Neill did at Leicester. :evil:

My only hope is that Celtic will be stupid enough to employ Peter Taylor...LOL :twisted:
-Now that'd be amusing!
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