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Match Thread Liverpool v Leicester

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We really are shit at starting games.

Pretty sure football is easier if you don’t opt for a 1 goal handicap every game. Liverpool can hold their own. It isn’t playing golf with someone shite. You don’t have to give away a free stroke... or play like you are recovering from one.


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I just made a post that was pretty much 100% profane. All I got was a load of asterisks to look at. So I deleted it. Are we a swear free zone now or have I messed something up by clearing my cache or something?

Brown Nose

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What's happened to football?
Is it only me that finds every game interminably dull at the moment?

Leicester and England are both incredibly boring. Tactics everywhere are total shit. Nobody can defend any more. The managers are nearly all tossers. The players are spoilt wankers.

No game can hold my concentration any more.

Urban fox

Beginning to think he is a bit of a show pony. Definitely talented but needs to remember it is not all about him


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here comes the 'just before halftime goal that was entirely predictable but still takes the wind out of your sales'
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  18
Manchester City  13
Leicester  11
West Ham Utd  11
Bournemouth  10
Tottenham   8
Manchester Utd  8
Burnley  8
Sheffield Utd  8
10 Arsenal  8
11 Chelsea  8
12 Palace  8
13 Aston Villa  7
14 Southampton  7
15 Everton  7
16 Brighton  6
17 Norwich City  6
18 Newcastle Utd  5
19 Wolves  4
20 Watford  2