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I thought i'd do myself the justice of writing myself a sweet, sweet song.

Bump and Grind, Just Blow Me

Twist my cap back, i'll flip you on to your back

Can you feel this sensation, it's rising

Rising and burning, i'm nearly there

You've got the wettest clout i've ever lapped, i'm rising

BOOM Bitch you've been had. I'm about ready to let some other fcvker have it

What you looking at it's a public house, i'll do what I want

why have Carling or Stella when you can have love juice

I'm Bumpin, your grinding fcvk it just blow me

B B B B B B B Blow Me X 3

See i'm just a single jungle brother, I don't give a shit

You know what i'm saying just get on the end of it

I keep getting the full mast, just get him out you don't need to ask

I'm bumping, your grinding fcvk it just blow me

B B B B B B B Blow Me X 3

I'm sitting in my love seat, there's been some action in here c u n t

Stop staring at my dominance, i'll trun you on a five pence.

Bash, Bash, Bash I wake up and the hat's rolled back.

It starts all again today, today you know it just fcvk it


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I've just had crunch talks with EMI, expect the song out in the charts within a month.

I'm off to get offensive
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