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Man Utd v Millwall

FA Cup- Who will win it ?

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City Fan

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I think/hope Millwall win just for pure comedy. Would be so funny pissing of all the Man Utd. fans living around this country (or 'world' rather).

I think Man Utd. will start off really cocky and Millwall might just shock them......


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i hope keene breaks wise's legs in a nasty tackle, then gets banned from football forever. wise has a heart attack on the stretcher and dies a horrible, painful death. the ambulance taking them both to hospital explodes on a bridge throwing them into freezing water and they drown slowly, with flesh burning and Aqua playing on the cd system.... all paramedics escape....(unless they support derby or forest)



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I would like to see Millwall win because they are the underdogs but I would also like to see Man Yoo give them a big wallop! Can't lose really ;)
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 15  43
Leicester 15  35
Manchester City 15  32
Chelsea 16  29
Wolves 15  23
Manchester Utd 15  21
Palace 15  21
Tottenham  15  20
Sheffield Utd 15  19
10 Arsenal 15  19
11 Newcastle Utd 15  19
12 Burnley 15  18
13 Brighton 15  18
14 Everton 16  17
15 Bournemouth 15  16
16 West Ham Utd 15  16
17 Aston Villa 15  15
18 Southampton 15  15
19 Norwich City 15  11
20 Watford 15  8

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