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Man Utd v Millwall

FA Cup- Who will win it ?

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City Fan

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I think/hope Millwall win just for pure comedy. Would be so funny pissing of all the Man Utd. fans living around this country (or 'world' rather).

I think Man Utd. will start off really cocky and Millwall might just shock them......


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i hope keene breaks wise's legs in a nasty tackle, then gets banned from football forever. wise has a heart attack on the stretcher and dies a horrible, painful death. the ambulance taking them both to hospital explodes on a bridge throwing them into freezing water and they drown slowly, with flesh burning and Aqua playing on the cd system.... all paramedics escape....(unless they support derby or forest)



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I would like to see Millwall win because they are the underdogs but I would also like to see Man Yoo give them a big wallop! Can't lose really ;)
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  6
Arsenal  6
Manchester City  4
Brighton  4
Tottenham   4
Bournemouth  4
Everton  4
Manchester Utd  3
Burnley  3
10 Norwich City  3
11 Sheffield Utd  1
12 Palace  1
13 Leicester  1
14 Wolves  1
15 West Ham Utd  1
16 Aston Villa  0
17 Newcastle Utd  0
18 Southampton  0
19 Chelsea  0
20 Watford  0

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