Maresca out

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It is a nonsense to talk about getting rid of Maresca at this point of the season. He's earned the right to show the world whether he can adapt and handle pressure.

To be honest, I'm becoming transfixed by his obstinacy. It's extraordinary.

He has one idea and that's that. Anybody that has managed anyone or anything knows that just doesn't work over any decent length of time. And he's determined to prove it.

It's utterly futile asking for significant personnel or tactical changes. They're not going to happen. Just look at how he reacted when we have had players sent off. He just shat himself.

I think he's a coach in a managerial position. Like so many before him. An empty vessel when it really matters.

"Like I've said many times, we have this idea to play and blah, blah." Can you imagine how bored the players are with his team talks already?

He tries very hard to come across as composed and confident irrespective of the situation we're in. He did it in the post match interview today. But just look into his eyes. He's absolutely terrified.
The problem EM has is that he's not really done anything to get the bulk of fans onside.

Some have totally bought into his approach. Most haven't.

His whole schtick is that 'I know best' and 'I have this great idea and you're all silly old fashioned idiots if you don't understand'.

That only works if you're winning. He has no come back when it isn't working so the whole edifice collapses.

If we play like we did today on Monday, it will turn on him very quickly. The players will shit themselves too.

It's not like we've not been here before.
I’m watching a bit on f the Ipswich game and they’re like, running around like.

Must be exhausting.
“I arrive in this club to play with this idea. The moment there is some doubt about the idea, the day after I will leave. It's so clear. No doubts."
Astounds me how modern managers are completely incapable of changing approaches.
Astounds me how modern managers are completely incapable of changing approaches.

I'll keep repeating it. The philosophy bollocks is another way of saying there's no plan B. It's an absolute pile of shite that too many accept.
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