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New kit (2019/20)


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"With Climalite technology to keep you dry every step of the way"

Nice touch for the incontinent amongst us

Thirty bars for a pair of football shorts FFS........

Rock Fox

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Are you only 15 years of age? Remember what is happening to Hamza. When you grow up, this kind of racist comment will come back to haunt you - just mark my words!
I feel that my time for playing football in the PL has probably passed me by - so no one will be in the least bit interested!
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  9
Manchester City  7
Arsenal  6
Leicester  5
Manchester Utd  4
Burnley  4
Tottenham   4
Brighton  4
Sheffield Utd  4
10 Palace  4
11 Bournemouth  4
12 Everton  4
13 Chelsea  4
14 West Ham Utd  4
15 Wolves  3
16 Aston Villa  3
17 Norwich City  3
18 Southampton  3
19 Newcastle Utd  3
20 Watford  0