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Alright guys

First message for me. Like many others i've been reading this forum for months, but been far too lazy to join in. However, i have started to read more and more comments that wind me up so thought i would finally join in. Having said that, i very much enjoy reading the messages, and most of you seem to be complete die hards like me and speak a lot of sense.
A few LCFC facts about me:

First game: City vs Bradford (1988-89 i think) We won one nil and Sticks played for Bradford that day

Favourite ever player: Steve Walsh/Junior Lewis
Favourite current player: Probably Trev seeing as everyone else has left
Best ever game: Other than the Wembley victories, Derby away four nil!
Amount of dosh spent on LCFC: pretty much everything i earn
Prediction for this season: Runners up again. It pains me to say it but i actually reckon Sheffield United will win it

I know my level of football knowledge is going to be seriously questioned following some of these remarks, and i dont blame anybody who does. However, i did somehow manage to answer 13 out of 15 questions correctly on a recent footy quiz on Century FM - a radio station of which i am a frequent ranter.

Anyway, looking forward to chatting to you fellow Blue Boys!!!!!
Good to see you here, did you hear todays phone in?

BTW I thought i'd point out that I hate Kerange Radio because I now have to sit in the car to pick up Radio Leicester. :twisted:
Nice to see some fresh blood on the forum, im not a vampire by the way, im just pleased to see a new poster.
Didn't listen to the phone in. I did watch mastermind though, which had a contestant answering questions on the mighty Alan Partridge. Just enjoying eating 'a savoury '99' at the moment.
What time/day is the century FM radio phone in? i listened 2 it once and i loved it and i cant remember wen it was :lol:
Not open for further replies.
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