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I know this is an old topic but with the new season fast approaching I feel It needs addressing again.

Anyone who recalls the old crazy corner at Filbert Street or even the old pens will be in total agreement when I say the atmosphere at Leicester home games are at an all time low.

Now, there's ways of overcoming this by getting all the singers amongst us to sit/stand together. This already seems to be happening with everyone congregating in the East Stand near the away fans.

It's also well regarded that we no longer create any decent songs. I'm at a loss as to understand why this is. I guess times are changing and maybe we should change to... For example, Man Utd seems to have a fantastic away support who sings a wide range of original songs. But they have fans who write these songs and hand out 'song sheets' before certain games. I know this sounds really corny but surely It's got to be a better than singing 'Mickey Adams blue and white army' every 5 minutes?!

I'll start the ball rolling...

"There's only one Gareth Williams, one Gareth Williams. He's like me and you, he hates Forest too. Walking in a Williams's wonderland"..... To the tune of winter wonderland.

"Dublin's coming home, he's coming home, he's coming home, he's coming. Dublin's coming home".... To the tune of Football's coming home.

Ok, not very originall but It's a start...

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Leicester's chant at Leeds:

Leeds: going down, going down, Goping Down....

Leicester: So are We, So are we, So are we

This was rated as one of the top 5 chants of the season I read somewhere.


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I hadn't seen that thread no. Had heard people mention the Adams family song before though. We have to get that started this season. We can be the only fans to include finger clicks in our songs!
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