Match Thread Newcastle v Leicester - EFL Cup QF

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Once upon a time, I had a dream about playing for Leicester. Not as starring striker for 2015-16 Leicester or 1999-2000 Leicester or 1996-97 Leicester or any successful Leicester. No, this wasn’t the stereotypical scoring the winner in the FA Cup final dream. I was playing left back for Micky Adams’ Leicester against Bristol City, and in this dream I was, as I would be in real life, hopelessly out of my depth and absolutely bollocksed after about 20 minutes. Spots in front of my eyes, dripping with sweat, falling over kind of bollocksed. Thought I was dying, that’s how ****ed dream me was after masquerading as a mid-table Championship footballer for less than a quarter of a game. Dream me was ****ing useless beyond measure.

However, given the choice between dream me and any of tonight’s back four, I feel sure I’d pick myself.
We can't do it without Maddison. We just cannot create anything and we are completely devoid of any real attacking quality.

I actually feel sorry for Tielemens tonight. He's tried incredibly hard to create stuff and make things happen but it's impossible when you're surrounded by complete and total rubbish.

We have needed a new striker for years and it was obvious within months that Daka wasn't going to be it. It's been obvious for years that Nacho won't cut the mustard either. Our defence though, that's the real problem. It's scandalous really that we haven't solved the same issues we've had for 3 years now.
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