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Next Three Games

Next three games: how many points ?

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Loss - Bolton
Loss - Spurs
Draw - Wolves

1pt and heading for Div 1 (or whatever its new name is)


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If we were offered 5 points for these three games I probably take it. Can't help feel though that we need 9


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Need 6 points. 9 is a bit silly. if we beat bolton, i'll be absolute extatic. i think a draw is on the cards, and a draw against wolves. and maybe a cheeky win against the spurs?

Bobby Smith

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4 points I reckon. I have missed 3 games this season so far:

Man U. (couldn't get a ticket for a glory hunters)

I haven't seen us win and I won't be there tomorrow so it's a guaranteed 3 points.


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the next 3 games are all definatly winnable, allthough i don't think we will win all 3 i don't think these games are to much for us and we are definatly capable of getting a result in all of them


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I agree all of these games are winnable. It will all depend on how it goes against bolton. A good performance in that game and we will be nicely set up to play spurs and wolves. However if Bolton smash us like in the last home game I feel we wll lose to spurs and probably scrape a point with wolves.
Heres hoping for nine points though!!!!


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MKFox said:
Steven said:
Loss - Bolton
Loss - Spurs
Draw - Wolves

1pt and heading for Div 1 (or whatever its new name is)
hope we are wrong, but i agree
I hope as well that we are both wrong. However as the side shows no fight or passion and MA is hunting for a solution, I think one point is realistic. :? :( :cry: :x
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