No News.... Is it Good News????

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Starting to get a little bit concerned as we don't seem to be really linked with any new players.

Does no-one have any transfer news about players coming in?

Is Micky on holiday or something as thetre seems to be a lot less activity than 2 weeks ago...?
Micky has said that he hopes to have all his new signings by the 28th June, which is a week tommorow so I'd expect near enough 3 or 4 signings this week as he has promised at least 5 new face. IMO this week will be massive, with the fixtures coming out and new players signing every day. So this is the place to be to keep up to date.
No news will come out of the club until Micky comes back, whenever that will be. Typical Leicester fans getting too impatient. Im sure when he gets back later this week he will hopefully bring some exciting news but until then we will just have to be patient
I think it's a myth that Adams is in Portugal, that means Bassett is left medelling in this country. I'm surprised we haven't seen Freedman, Neil Redfearn, Carl Leaburn and Bruce Dyer in the door.

Bassett, what a twat.
SilverFox said:
I'd love it if Benty came back...hand me the kleenex!

I hope that's because you will be crying and for no other reason. :!: :shock: :? :? :?
Oooh ya, that goal against Charlton did deserve a wank though. :lol:
lazzer said:
well you can give it him :roll:

That prospect would Bent off coming to Leicester :!: :shock: :? :? :?
lazzer said:
literally :roll:

The phrasing was deliberate so a cool dry wit like yours could make something of it. :wink:
lazzer said:
shining wit or whining........... :roll:

You are one of my top five funny men. In line for the annual award. :wink:
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