Petition to allow fans to attend matches

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Fox Fan

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From Chesterfield today:


It is with regret that club officials have had to cancel plans to show a live stream of today’s game against Woking in the hospitality lounges at the Technique Stadium.
Plans were in place to entertain a restricted number of guests in the lounges after working closely with the Safety Advisory Group to ensure a safe environment.
Unfortunately, however, given the ever-changing landscape affecting the hospitality industry amid the pandemic, an instruction has now been received which has forced the club to cancel today’s event.
We apologise for the inconvenience to those affected by this development. Full refunds will of course be provided.

Brown Nose

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Well this has gone to shit now.

9th March was the last time I was at a game. At the outset of the lockdown, I said that I feared that it could be a year before I went again. Most thought that was pessimistic. It now looks optimistic.

I don't really see much hope of any of us getting into a ground for the rest of this season.

I was listening to Nicholas Christakis the other day. He spoke most accurately about what is likely to happen back in Feb/March. His view is that the virus will dominate our day to day lives for another 18 months. In football terms, that means we may well not get into a full stadium until the start of the 2022/23 season. That's two and a half years of empty or mostly empty stadiums.

Football will be a different game if that is indeed the timescale. I'm pretty sure that we'll soon see positive tests starting to cause issues in the PL and that will continue over the next few months. Injuries plus positive tests and no crowds will make this season even more of a lottery.

It's also worth us pushing on with our stadium development if we can get the loans in place. Surely, the next year or two will be the ideal time to do this work.

Fox Fan

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Could be back in December.



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Leicester likely to be in Tier 2 or 3 i'd think. so max 2000, likely zero..

Brown Nose

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Thank goodness for that petition

You can be a sarcastic old git all you like, but it has helped.

I watched the parliamentary debate that the petition triggered and multiple MPs had clearly been bombarded with constituents making their cases. As a result, the minister was hammered by loads of MPs and basically made to move this up the priority list.

This outcome is just the beginning but without the petition starting things, this almost certainly wouldn't be happening.


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Will be an amazing experience to be among such an incredible crowd.

Brown Nose

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My view on this changed when I watched some games with small attendances.

Even having a couple of thousand completely changes the whole feel of the game. Surely it is better than what we've had to watch since March?

I won't be trying to get to games anytime soon, but I'll look forward to them much more if there are people there.


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Leicester in tier three so it’s as you were ... no fans permitted.
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