Player of the season

Who is your LCFC player of the season?

  • Paul Dickov

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  • Les Ferdinand

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  • Steffen Freund

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  • Matt Heath

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  • Muzzy Izzet

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  • Marcus Bent

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  • Billy McKinlay

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  • Riccardo Scimeca

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  • James Scowcroft

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  • Ben Thatcher

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  • Ian Walker

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  • Jordan stewart

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  • Total voters
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Marcus Bent
Bent.... not you webbo!! I mean Marcus Bent, he has been the most impressive for me. Ferdinand a very close second. No body else come close in my humble opinion.
Sir Les - Committment, Passion, Pride & Ability
It's gotta be Marcus Bent......
I'm an obsessive-compulsive. Stick to what you know you like is our mentalist motto.
As Malf's Eskimo alter ego said - Inuit.
As we come to the end of another season down Filbert Way, it is time to reflect over what has been.
Les, has been a good servant this season, but how many of you were baying for his blood when he got stupidly sent off against Villa.
Marcus, good in places but at times was very non committal.
Scowie, model professional or not, he's an enigma (not quite in the john Barnes mould of enigmas though!).
Ben, when he's good, he's very very good, but when he's bad, you get the gist.
Muzzy, love him to bits (steady on sailor!), since coming back from injury has never been the same.
Dickov, can be a defenders nightmare but also is so easy wound up and loses the plot.
That only really leaves one player out of a whole bunch of "could've done betters". Stand up Ian Walker. Yes he's made a mistake or two(who hasn't). Personally, I reckon he has stood up and be counted when a lesser man would have gone hiding. Deserves to be on the plane to Portugal with England. :twisted:
Les Ferdinand's done extraordinarily well -but to an extent cameo appearances - Marcus Bent player of the season - a rare bit of genuine class in a pretty dire side.
gotta be sir les... one because he's had a great season and two because of a lack of competition for the award with the exception of marcus bent...
I went for Dickov due to his determination and how he has picked himself back up off the floor after La Manga. He seems ok now, lets hope he stays.
conquered his demons and the only city representative for englands triumphant visit to Portugal this summer.
sort yer hair out though Ian...
How did Les get on on the five live poll?
I've gone for Walker too, because he has had another great season and has been the most consistently high performing player, though Thatcher shouldn't be too far behind. Les has done well but injured too much. Bent isn't clinical enough a finisher for me and was blatantly showboating on Saturday.
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd4690
5West Brom4675
6Norwich City4673
7Hull City4670
9Coventry City4664
10Preston 4663
11Bristol City4662
12Cardiff City4662
14Swansea City4657
17Stoke City4656
19Blackburn 4653
20Sheffield W4653
21Plymouth 4651
24Rotherham Utd4627