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Possible New Sections

Would you like the board be changed to something like this

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Leicester City Football Club
General Leicester Discussion

Away Fans End
(in the section no registration is required)

Memory Lane
Memories and Nostalgia about Lcfc.

Other Sport
World Of Football
All non Leicester football talk

World Of Sport
Discuss all other sports including Leicester Riders, Tigers, Foxes

Off Topic
General Chit Chat
Off topic conversations. Do not post LCFC or sport related threads here

Championship Manager/Other Games
Discussions on computer games including Championship Manager


Just an idea! 8)


What makes you think people use them?

I created the 'general chat' area so that people could post non LCFC stuff in there, but people don't use it despite being repeatedly asked to, they just post off topic stuff in the LCFC forum instead.

If the demand was there I would create a new forum. But for example on the subject of music we've had only a handful of threads (usually in the wrong place!), and if they were in a forum of their own it would look very empty.

If people use the general chat forum a lot more, and a particular subject crops up a lot, then I'll consider making a new forum for the subject.
But at the moment it's hardly used, and diluting it further by introducing new forums won't help.

I've been doing this sort of thing for years, and from my own experience, and looking at other sites, creating a new forum before the demand is there can make a site worse, not better, because people will come to the site and see lots of forums than have a handful of posts in and haven't been used for days (or weeks), and they'll go somewhere else that looks busier.
You only have to look at the Forfoxsake.com forums to see how that can happen. They have a good website with lots of visitors, but their forum is hardly ever used, because they've diluted it too much, and that puts people off.

City Fan

Well-Known Member
We should all post non-related topics in the general discussion to give Webmaster here a break. Im sure he has better things to do then move posts to different forums because we put them in the wrong ones just for the sake of it.

He has already graced us with this wonderful forum which is better than most clubs have got, so we should use the general discussion forum more and not post non LCFC related topics in the LCFC forum.


Scowcroft said:
Webby! You've made him mod! Do I not deserve a crack at it since i'm the most senior poster? :lol: :wink:
You've previously said you don't want to be a mod. Have you changed your mind?


New Member
webmaster said:
Scowcroft said:
Webby! You've made him mod! Do I not deserve a crack at it since i'm the most senior poster? :lol: :wink:
You've previously said you don't want to be a mod. Have you changed your mind?
I'm only joking Webbo...hence the wink. :wink:

However, if you need some help, don't hesistate in asking. :)
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