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webmaster said:
Is anyone interested in taking part in a Euro2004 prediction league?

It will be similar to the one at but it will cover all Euro2004 matches.

If I get 10 people saying they'll take part I'll set it up.

Count Me In 8)
I'm there!
Any prizes?
webmaster said:
Joe_Fox said:
I'm there!
Any prizes?

I put ads on the other prediction league to raise money to pay for a prize and I've earned around 50p so far. I'll put ads on the new one and see if I can raise enough to pay for a prize.

Put millions of ad's on it, make it horrible!
I will be interested, and I'm sure a quite a few more would be if you advertised this on the main LCFC forum.
I'd be well up for it Webbo! Good one - although I will be in Portugal for the games........
well done me duck
Yeah I'd be up for that. If we can find a free Fantasy Football game we should do one of them again.
Count me in.
The Desert Foxes FC would be love to be in your Euro 2004 competition. And are you going to update the Prediction League. I'm only 2 points out of first and need correct predictions in the last 2 City games to get to the top of the table and win that 50p prize.
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd4690
5West Brom4675
6Norwich City4673
7Hull City4670
9Coventry City4664
10Preston 4663
11Bristol City4662
12Cardiff City4662
14Swansea City4657
17Stoke City4656
19Blackburn 4653
20Sheffield W4653
21Plymouth 4651
24Rotherham Utd4627

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