Pub chain bans England flags:

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i'm sticking this in here because it IS about Euro 2004 :p

A pub chain today defended its decision to ban its managers from flying England flags during next month’s Euro 2004 Championships amid fears that female drinkers who dislike football will be driven away.

Although outlets in the 142-strong Arena chain will be screening England’s matches, bosses have been told that the cross of St George should not be displayed inside their premises.

The Birmingham-based firm is concerned that bunting and other patriotic paraphernalia will drive away families and women with no interest in the game.

In a memo circulated to managers, Arena’s company executive Jeremy Skingley expressed concern over the possibility that pubs will develop a “male-dominated, highly charged, terrace-style football atmosphere” during the tournament in Portugal, which begins on June 12.

“To this effect, it is strict company policy that no St George’s flags should be displayed during Euro 2004,” Mr Skingley writes.

“Unfortunately, the St George’s flag has negative connotations of football violence.

“It can also be an unwelcome signal to females and people who only visit pubs occasionally.”

Jeremy Probert, director of corporate affairs for Arena’s parent company Mitchells & Butlers admitted the memo was “over zealous” but stressed that the firm was backing England and pubs in its 2,000-strong estate would be encouraged to fly a St George’s cross on their roofs.

The spokesman added: “We are proud of our heritage and St George, but if you are a family looking to have lunch or a group of girlfriends going out for a drink, you might not necessarily want to go to a pub that is plastered with flags.”

Birmingham historian Dr Carl Chinn condemned the decision, adding: “There are millions of respectable English people who are proud of their culture and those of others.

“Arena should listen to the people and realise fans want to fly the flag irrespective of their colour, creed or class.”

thankfully i don't use their pubs........
and everyone should boycott them.
Bothered - Arena Pubs are shite anyway - LS6_Fox, don't go in the Hyde Park Corner pub mate.
They've changed their minds but boycott them anyway.
beaumontfox said:
apparently the WS is showing the games......

Joe_Fox said:
Bothered - Arena Pubs are shite anyway - LS6_Fox, don't go in the Hyde Park Corner pub mate.

Ha ha I think the last time I went in there was about 3 years ago!
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