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"Its a long walk to town, do you think you will be able to carry her that far, especially after several half time beers. :102:"


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The last time I heard anyone go "Raaaa" it was Elephant Man on a track called Rha Rha Remix, with Daddy Yankee and Pitbull. So naturally I thought this thread would have a caribbean theme to it, or reggae at least. Oh well ... back to the rest of the forum. :100:


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Surely no greater King has ever lived.
No one with the love and kindness, strength and courage of King Raaaa(m).


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what was the original post.
yeah what was it mate ???
In the 'Leicester City' forum, I went back to the earliest postings (around 2003) and chose a thread at random to reply to - hence the 'Raaaa!!!' one.

On checking again, there dosen't appear to be a first post in the thread - just a thread name!

Maybe it was a test thread - Jeff can probably explain.


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Is there any reason for anything? I mean, really?

For heaven's sake DF, I go to work to pay the rent. If I don't I'm out on the streets, thanks to the women I've been "lucky" enough to have been involved with. If I don't work who's gonna pay them to sit on their flabby white asses and complain about not being able to find a man without "baggage"? :icon_conf

The government. The same government that encourages children to leave home if their parents are cruel and ask them to take out the garbage, brush their teeth or clean their room.

The same government that forces men to pay maintenance for children that are already calling "uncle" Roger "Dad" ... And of course "Uncle Roger" can afford to take them out shopping for all the stuff that their "No good deadbeat of a father" could never buy them cos he's paying most of his income to the slut that's sleeping with Jolly Ole Roger. Me bitter? Never. :icon_conf
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