Shirt Amnesty 2004 - Help the poor & needy.

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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, but I am trying to get as much exposure as possible.

BBC 5 Live are promoting a "Shirt Amnesty" for ALL footie clubs, and the shirts are sent out to Africa to the poor and needy - I hope that some of you who would like to promote your "great" :oops: club and give you some more Worldwide marketing appeal. :lol:

BBC 5 Live have posted an address to send your shirts to, as they do not wish to receive the shirts etc directly

The address to send them to is:

Shirt Amnesty
Locker Freight Ltd
Haleview Road
L36 6DD

For the more cynical of you out there, you can confirm this address by going to the BBC website

Thanks in anticipation to anyone that contributes. :wink:


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Dorkwolf said:
Joe_Fox said:
Dorky, you cannot send Wolves shirts, that's just nasty.
Joe have you ever heard the saying, "A time and a place" :roll:
Dorky, lighten up mate. I do shed loads of charity work and am always involved in awareness issues. I'm almost a eco-warrior and an aid worker but it doesn't pay the bills.
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