Sir Les?

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Just read this and it has left me worried....

He was surprised to see 14 players let go at the end of the campaign and will see who Adams drafts into the squad before committing himself to the battle once again.

"The amount of departures did come as a shock," Ferdinand said. "But if I'm OK to carry on then my decision will, without a shadow of a doubt, be based on who the manager brings into the side.

"If I think he has assembled a squad which has a good chance of getting back up to the Premiership then it might make my decision a lot easier."

Sounds as unless we bring some decent players in we will be without Sir Les as well!!!!
A season without Dickov, Bent and Les is beginning to worry me!

We only have 21 players now of which
2 are on FT (Gillespie and Brooker)
2 are known to be considering their futures(Dickov and Dabizas)
4 have no first team experience (O'Grady,Stearman,Porter and Petrescu)
1 Long Term injury (Jones)

That leaves 12 players:
2 x goalies (Walker/Coyne)
3 x strikers (Stowcroft,Benji,Wright)
2 x Midfielders (Nalis,Morris)
5 x defenders (Stewart,Heath,Elliot,Thatcher,Canero)

I know that i am looking on the down side but i cant help it, next season would be hard unless we bring in QUALITY not numbers.
On the up side.... If Dickov/ Dabizas stay maybe les will stay, Petrescu looks a good prospect and Gillespie COULD be great in division 1.

The point of this post?? Not sure!


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To give me the shits (not your fault Ian) on seeing the state our club is in at the moment. :( :( :? :? :twisted: :twisted:


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Steven said:
To give me the shits (not your fault Ian) on seeing the state our club is in at the moment. :( :( :? :? :twisted: :twisted:

I know i really didnt realise we only had two midfielders, ****in hell, were ****ed.

Naughty Fox

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rotherhamfox said:
Steven said:
To give me the shits (not your fault Ian) on seeing the state our club is in at the moment. :( :( :? :? :twisted: :twisted:

I know i really didnt realise we only had two midfielders, **** hell, were ****.

One really as Morris is a striker :?
But Chill, there is a long way to go before the first game and players contracts only usually expire at the end of June, If we are in the same state come end of July THEN SH*T YER PANTS :cry:


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Adams has made a brave decision, I wonder if he's crapping himself as much as us? I doubt whether Les will be here next season, shame but get Dublin instead then.


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Flipping heck it's like reading an episode of Dad's Army..."Don't panic, Don't panic...." :wink:
You've got to get rid before you can bring in new players. That way you know how much you can pay out for/on a player. (We do have limited resources you know). :roll: Some of the suggestions of players that micky should take a look at are, in all honestly, quite ludicrous. (Ibrahim, marsden....)
Some players have decided to jump ship. Well lets not cry over spilt milk and bring in replacements. :evil:
So Dickov might go, yes it would be good if he stayed, but if he isn't going to show any loyalty after we pulled him out of regular "stiffs"football, then he can bogoff with the rest. :twisted: (How do you think Leeds fans are feeling ater Smithy jumped ship to go to Man Ure. Now that put a smile on my face :lol: )
Oh, and O'Grady has had first team football :wink:


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saw on skysports news that we are in talks with Tiatto so we may have another midfielder there.

Redditch Fox

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I think the position is much worse than we feared- obviously he will make new signings but don't expect too much. The club was not sufficiently funded when it came out of administration to withstand another big drop in income & I see us struggling now with the likes of Forest & Derby. There is a clutch of Div 1 clubs who will have significantly stronger squads.

No fairy godfathers I'm afraid.

I think they will come to regret the admission prices for next season - the support has been amazingly patient - but all we ever get now is doom & gloom coming out of the Walkers.
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