Songs to sum up us/our season

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bros - drop the boy

(i.e Scowcroft)

bluetones - if

so solid crew - 21 seconds

(or last 5 minutes really)

brian ferry and roxy music - lets stick together


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feeder - just the way im feeling.

"i feel were going down ten feet below the ground"
"breathe in breathe out"

oasis- stop crying your heart out

"Because all of our stars have faded away"
"take what you need and be on your way(from the premiership) and stop crying your heart out"


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Lord_Cobley said:
Radiohead - Just
"You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you and no-one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself"


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By the end of the season I'm hoping it will be...
Mathematically Safe - Half Man Half Biscuit.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Leicester  6
Everton  6
Arsenal  6
Liverpool  6
Palace  6
Tottenham   3
Wolves  3
Brighton  3
Leeds Utd  3
10 Chelsea  3
11 Newcastle Utd  3
12 Aston Villa  0
13 Manchester City  0
14 Burnley  0
15 Manchester Utd  0
16 Sheffield Utd  0
17 West Ham Utd  0
18 Fulham  0
19 Southampton  0
20 West Brom  0