Confirmed Transfer Soumare loaned to Sevilla

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Made Adrien Silva look like Usain Bolt. Lazy ****.
Best of luck to him. Leicester Cify, the Premier League, and I think English football in general doesn’t suit his style. That’s not his fault. I hope he’s a success and goes on to have a very good career. In the right league and the right team I think he can be a very good player.
Nope. He didn't give two shits. Just watch any clip of him jogging or walking around, looking at the sky, watching the game pass him by....

He was a lazy, useless lump of ****.
This is good news. Another window opened to air out the lingering stink from the rancid house that was Rodgers realm.
Yep, got to say this is up there with some of the worst signings we've ever made. One of the laziest players I've ever seen pull on the shirt. Maybe even THE laziest..... there were flashes of some great ability but that just makes the lack of application and desire on the player's sude even worse. Good riddance (for a year)
Going well then...

Just sign the cheque. Good news for all involved.
I wouldnt be against seeing what Maresca can do with him tbf. He struggled with the pace of the Prem when he was here and also playing under duffer Rodgers was not good for anyone at the club. Looks like we'll have to chalk this up as another Bodger Rodgers disasterclass in management and the 15m euro clause as another short sighted bit of management from the higher ups who were as bad as Rodgers' last season.....
Promotion is a done deal, surely.

If we **** this up from here it’ll be a Brendan Rodgers level bottle job.
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