Post Match Southampton 1 Leicester 4

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Some stunning attacking play. I can’t fully work out how much their shit defending contributed to that, hopefully it’s due to it starting to click up front.

Best performance of the season.

We could have absolutely hammered them had we been clinical at times with chances we created ourselves. Could also have been a frustrating game if they'd not been laughable at the back. Can't see Snide Brendan lasting much longer there.
We are improving bit by bit as EM gets them used to playing this way and gradually introduces the new signings bit by bit.

We can take the piss about ‘the system’ as much as you want but EM is building fir the future and fir me, I like it.

We are far from the finished article but you don’t need to be after half a dozen games.

Build momentum, introduce new players slowly, go again, then keep building.

This could be really, really good.
Absolutely loved that match. Lots of fun, Vardy scored and was superb, and we looked great at going forward. Can’t wait for the “but Southampton we’re rubbish and we’ll get get found out” comments.

This is the level we’re at. Let’s just enjoy the ride, regardless of what happened before.
Despite being shit tonight, Southampton will win a lot games this season.

This is an excellent result.
I'm not sure they will under their current manager, He has a good reputation but not much of that is based on solid evidence. I think this is the job where he gets found out.

Some very good performances on our team, KDH, Mavididi, Ndidi while he was on, Vestergaard, Winks is class at this level. Brilliant run by McAteer to give KDH the passing option and a calm finish. We may have a talent there who wouldn't have got a chance had we stayed up. Mavididi showed real bottle to take on the shot and not square it after he fluffed his lines minutes earlier, The keeper inspires confidence which is something we haven't had since a few seasons before Schmeichel left. Another good cameo from the Ghanaian (not Portuguese) winger, Fatawu.

Shame Ihenacho didn't open his account for the season. But at some point you have to say that the common link in all of the missed chances and games that he doesn't score is..... Ihenacho,
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