thatcher off to pompey?

will thatcher go to pompey?

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in the article in the mercurys it says thatche ris off to pompey. i for one dont beleive he will go, he will be competing with mat taylor and redknapp keeps on sayin taylor is england potential, so thatcher would proabbly be back up, so he wont go
I said to myself "Dickov wont go "and he went , So im guna say "Yes Ben is gunna go" and i hope he wont :wink:
Ben won't go, he is faithful to city. I think he will stay with us thru thick n thin.

Please dont go Benny, our best player by a mile!
These get-out-clauses could cost us any chance of promotion

I was predicting Maggie for England, until he opted for Wales
Iwould be struggling for a new "favourite player", unless MA conjures up a sensational free signing!!
bluefox said:
He will go to Villa :cry: :cry:

Yes. Reports are Villa is sniffing around. :( :( :? :?
I think we're going to have to face that players with these clauses are going to leave. It's just too good a deal for clubs to turn down.
The Sun says :roll: said:
BEN THATCHER will be offered a chance to stay in the Premiership with Aston Villa.

The defender can leave relegated Leicester due to a £100,000 escape clause in his contract.

And Villa boss David O’Leary is looking for a cut-price understudy to JLloyd Samuel.

Thatcher — also being chased by Portsmouth — wants to stay in the top flight to improve his chances of becoming first-choice left-back for Wales.

Leicester director of football Dave Bassett said: “Everyone knows he has the clause — but we’d love him to stay here.”

Great, so Bassett is reduced to hoping in order to keep players at City. :shock: :? :? :roll: :roll: :twisted: :twisted:
Thatcher will go in my eyes. We all thought Dickov would stay and never thought Scimeca would go but obviously they wasnt as loyal as we thought they was. We cant call Thatcher loyal, he's been here a year. We all seen watching him that he's a premier player so he wont like the idea of going to to Div One. If Pompey or Villa or whoever go for him will wont refuse.

Dont want him to go though! :(
Looks like he is definately going! Bertie Bassett has just amitted that he is going on sky sports news. 100k is just ridiculous. But i think that the 300k we agreed for him depended on the length he stays at the club and appearances made. Plus he has only stayed for a year of a 3 year contract. But what is the point in a 3 year contract if he can get out at any time? :cry:
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