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I,m a bit dismayed at the number of postings calling for MA to be ousted - well here,s a few facts

(1) To say that MA has got us relegated twice is a load of rubbish - for those of you with very short memories the fact is that MA took over the managers job in 2001/02 for the last four games in which we were unbeaten.
(2) The next season in which we were promoted he took us up with a club record points tally.
(3) If last seasons defenders had got their act together for the last five minutes of every game we would have been a conservative 15pts better off which would have seen us well up the league.

I,m sick of reading about some of you lot saying that you're not going to renew their season tickets cos of this and that - well if you don't want to support our great club *uck off and follow Man ure, The Gunners or Chelski like all the other fair weather supporters.
Cause I live in sunny(not) Blackpool and av to work every saturday I don't get to as many games as I would like but what LCFC and MA need at the moment is our total support (though I have to admit I did give it a big YES when I heard about McCateer). Lets start on Aug 7th by filling the Walkers and getting behind our beloved team - Blue Army Till I :lol: :D Die!!!!! :lol: :D


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When You're Smiling said:
How much is a Man Utd shirt?
Don't know, but there are cheaper ways of wiping your arse!!! get yourself down to Asda and get some Andrex, its softer than a Man U shirt!
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Leicester  9
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Arsenal  6
Liverpool  6
Palace  6
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Tottenham   4
Chelsea  4
Newcastle Utd  4
10 West Ham Utd  3
11 Aston Villa  3
12 Brighton  3
13 Manchester City  3
14 Manchester Utd  3
15 Southampton  3
16 Wolves  3
17 West Brom  1
18 Burnley  0
19 Fulham  0
20 Sheffield Utd  0

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