The Man Who Would Be King

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highland fox

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just wondering who we all think
1...Will be the 'fans favourite' next season out of the current squad
2...Which one player would you like to see in a City shirt next season,keep them realistic
I would pick 1..Peter Canero and 2.. Brian Hughes


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lazzer said:
says a bloke who wears his pants outside his trousers :roll:
Is it me but in the last few weeks we seem to of had a steady influx of complete nut cases posting on here!!!?? :shock:
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Arsenal  3
Leicester  3
Chelsea  3
Newcastle Utd  3
Wolves  3
Liverpool  3
Palace  3
Everton  3
Aston Villa  0
10 Burnley  0
11 Manchester City  0
12 Manchester Utd  0
13 Leeds Utd  0
14 Southampton  0
15 Tottenham   0
16 Brighton  0
17 Sheffield Utd  0
18 West Ham Utd  0
19 Fulham  0
20 West Brom  0