The point in this forum?

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Is there any really?

Not one constructive post has been made, everything has been wrecked by us city fans. There's no point in this forum unless Dorkster can get a few of his inbred mates to come along otherwise i say you mege this forum with the nationwide one :wink: .


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Theres not one good reason why we should put the Wolves forum up. Sorry Dorkwolf but I'd say lose the Wolves Forum!


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Shall we had a sporting bet gentlemen and ladies as to who will finish lower of our two clubs this season. I bet you we BOTH stay up and finish above you. How's that for confidence and optimism. :lol: :wink:
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Leicester  6
Everton  6
Arsenal  6
Liverpool  6
Palace  6
Tottenham   3
Wolves  3
Brighton  3
Leeds Utd  3
10 Chelsea  3
11 Newcastle Utd  3
12 Aston Villa  0
13 Manchester City  0
14 Burnley  0
15 Manchester Utd  0
16 Sheffield Utd  0
17 West Ham Utd  0
18 Fulham  0
19 Southampton  0
20 West Brom  0