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I mean I don’t know where to begin with this.

I’m not sure what’s more laughable - the thought of Donnarumma coming to us when he’ll have the pick of all the top sides in Europe, or the fact that you think Adrian is good enough to replace Schmeichel.
OK so 2 out of the 5 I suggested you don't agree with but Pope and Mccarthy would be able replacements and be very affordable
If Leicester qualify for the Champions league and we offered Donnarumma £150k a week stranger things have happened


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We've got youth all over the first team apart from in goal and up front. Of course, these are the trickiest positions to bed in a young player as there's only room for one in the team (and it's also really rare to sub a keeper). I don't see a systemic problem, or anything that we're not all aware of, but these areas do need addressing.

We all know that Vardy needs back up, and when everything was going brilliantly last year I wasn't the only person saying Kasper was the weakest link (in a strong team) and should be upgraded. I don't pretend to know who should be targeted, but this isn't news and, given their track record, I've got faith in the management to get it right


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I don't see a systemic problem, or anything that we're not all aware of, but these areas do need addressing.
Key phrase that, and I think the club is well aware.

In many respects we've been lucky in that Vardy goes on and on, and GK is a position where you have more time. I think, in fairness, the club has been looking at this in Vardy's case but it is a difficult one to balance. You want to keep everyone sweet and ticking along whilst taking into account any needed transitions


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The reality is that both Evans and Schmeichel are replaceable. We already have two top class centre backs in CS and WF, but will require more depth (and maybe experience) going forwards. We will have to buy a new GK, but based on historical PL transfers this will ‘only’ cost us c.£20-30 million.

Vardy is irreplaceable, and is going to leave a huge gap in the team when he starts only being able to play half our games. I don’t know how we replace him.
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