Vichai and the Leicester City Community

David Gwilliam

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There have been many eloquent tributes in the RIP Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha; all of them well deserved. I want to try s different slant.

It was gone ten on Saturday night and I was away for the weekend when somebody knowing I was from Leicester said something about there being a helicopter crash ay the Leicester ground. I managed to find somebody with a laptop to bring up the BBC news site. I then asked the lady to being up Talking Balls She quite reasonably pointed out that it would not know anymore than the BBC. In fact I felt a need to see what people on Talking Balls were saying. I felt an immediate affection for the familiar posters.

There has been talk of Leicester City as a family I do not aqree Families have a special bond. I do not even see Talking Balls as friends. You cannot have friends you would not know in the street. Talking Balls is however that very special thing – a community.

I have never believed in grieving over people I have never met. When Princess Diana died I was uncomfortable at what I saw as a hysterical reaction. So I was surprised to find myself grieving over Vichai who I had never met. Seeing the scenes with the players and supporters outside the stadium and at Cardiff it now occurs to me that Vichai had turned the whole of Leicester City into a community and that is a very fine thing.

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