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Pre Match Watford v Leicester

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Brown Nose

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**** me Simpson and Fuchs in the team?? And then play Ricardo and Chilwell out of position??

Drop the most creative player too??

Go three at the back??

And you lot said Puel was bad and too defensive!?!
I suggested what I'd do, not what I think Rodgers will do, I'm pretty sure he'll go with an unchanged team.

If Rodgers has had meetings with the staff and senior players, and watched our last few games, what would all that be saying to him? Firstly, that we're conceding too many goals too early on in games. Secondly, that we're too vulnerable at set pieces. Thirdly, that the confidence levels are wobbly for several players. And so on. It will be interesting to see how much he just focuses on the mentality and energy levels and how much he actually changes the way we set up.

I think anyone would agree that Maddison is hopelessly out of form and that Gray is a hot/cold player at best. Yes, one scored and the other got an assist on Tuesday but that wasn't normal. Gray's goal on Tuesday was his first goal at the KP since Dec 2017. Our most creative and threatening players by far at the moment are Tielemans and Barnes.

I agree that 3-4-3 would suit our players best. However, Rodgers hasn't played that system much in his career and it's a heck of a leap to walk in and change that much, that quickly. It's not the right match to experiment in anyway.

Watford are a strong side that are very good out wide and get balls into the ball a lot. They've also scored quite a few from set pieces recently. My solution retains our best players form wise and gives us more experience and defensive solidity.


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I would play Mendy and Ndidi for this game. I think we'll struggle without some extra strength in midfield.
At home it's great seeing Gray, Barnes, Maddison and Tieleman bomb forward. Away from home I think we need to keep it more compact.
Perfect game for Albrighton. :-(


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I think anyone would agree that Maddison is hopelessly out of form...
Many wouldn't. The stats tell us that he's the only one creating any chances for us at the moment. Many would agree that he is young and wants to make things happen therefore he makes errors. Dropping him scuppers nearly any creativity we have at the moment. Tielemans hasn't been creative as such, he has just been tidier in there.


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I think confidence is an issue. We went one up against Brighton and then looked petrified that we were going to bollocks it up again. Defensively we are wobbly and for all their plaudits this season going forward, I still think Chilwell has some defensive frailties as does Ricardo. Three at the back seems a better option to me to steady the ship. I don't expect Rodgers to do this today but eventually I would hope to move to this.

Today, same team for me and hope that they have taken a little belief from a long overdue win. I certainly wouldn't be considering dropping the scorer and/or creator of goals last week; that's a surefire way to piss all over their confidence and stop any momentum from building.

pork pie fox

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Something I didn’t think I’d hear myself saying - Gareth Southgate had it partially right in the summer. He went to 3 at the back, to counter our defensive frailties. He should, however (IMO), known when to switch out of that against Croatia, as it became obvious that it wasn’t working as well elsewhere on the pitch. He has now, seemingly, moved back to a back 4, now the players are more established.

There’s nothing wrong with changing things, if you deem it necessary. I just think you need to be aware that you can also change it back.


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But we don't really have a problem conceding goals.

The main problem is we have scored fewer goals.

Playing extra defenders in a formation that would nullify the likes of Barnes & Gray won't really help us to score more goals.

Anyway, let's wait and see what Rodgers does and hopefully 3 points whoever players in whatever formation!

I just think 3 CBs is going backwards and overly negative.
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