Well there you go Mr Robinson

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David Gwilliam

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If you ignore the rest of this post I would be grateful for responses to the last paragraph,

It seems to me that some Leicester fans are taking success for granted. Ten years ago there was no reason to think Leicester would be more successful than equivalent clubs - West Brom. Burnley, Bolton, Derby or Forest. It could even be argued that Newcastle and Leeds had more potential. We became a yo yo club and then worse as we got used to being in the Championship and even went into League 1.
Even when Nigel Pearson got us into the Premier League we spent most of the season bottom of the table.

Then something happened that attracted little attention. The Director of Football Terry Robinson was sacked apparently without doing anything wrong. There were no short lists and no interviews for the position. Jon Ruskin was immediately promoted from Youth Team coach. It was almost as though Terry Robinson was sacked because the Thais wanted Jon Rudkin as Director. Like Nigel Pearson Terry Robinson appears to have been an old fashion football man. I would guess that Mr Rudkin fitted in with the Thais philosophy.

It would be wrong to give too much credit to Jon Rudkin for our Premier League win. The bulk of the team was formed by Nigel Pearson. Much credit has to go to Steve Walsh Senior who scoured Vardy, Mahrez and Kante. Claudio also deserves much credit as do the players. However, he must have been involved in signing the present brilliant set of players,

Brendan Rodgers seems to have fitted skillful management into the clubs framework We are now not comparing ourselves with Derby and Bolton but with Arsenal and Liverpool. The last few years have been the Golden Age for Leicester City.

Off topic but what am I doing wrong on the General Chat. When I try and post anything I am told I have not taken part in a poll. The real problem is that I am a gramophone man in the age of digital downloads.


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Off topic but Mrs Robinson was no 1 when I was born

'Taking for granted' is often framed as a criticism rather than a natural consequence. Success breeds success. Form and consistency are desirable yet to want for that to continue is akin to 'taking it for granted' It's almost a paradox. If other fans are like me, they want to win everything all the time regardless... and live with the inevitable disappointment. Want v expectation perhaps?

As to who takes the credit for our recent successes, I can't say. I know NP put in place a new path many seasons ago, one that changed the club and was arguably at the root of where we are now, but many people played a part in that, many had input. Many people have since come in and who knows to what degree have tweaked/changed things - maybe not for the better? Recent injuries have had people remarking 'didn't happen in big Nige's day', again who knows? Perhaps, on top of it all, we had/have a truly visionary chairman? I'm thrilled whatever the reason, even if it does lead me to take things for granted from time to time.

Here's to you Mr Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.

David Gwilliam

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What is the exact message you see, and what exactly are you trying to do when you see it?

Thank you Jeff You clearly have a magic touch since the problem seems to have solved itself and I have posted successfully if not necessarily well.
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