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Where are all these brand new signing coming into the club early this week? In an hour it'll be wednesday and still no one...It's all well and good saying that we have signed Dublin and Williams(????), but at the same time off goes Thatcher and probably Ferdinand to the sh*tehawks known as pomey. At this rate there will be no competition for places and all that means is that we will have a group of players who couldn't give a toss!

Sign someone before I start ripping out my fingernails for relief!!!

(sorry folks, Its just the suspense is killing me and I'm an impatient sod) :?


chill out..... i went to jump of the LFE bridge last season because we hadnt signed anybody and then about 11 turned at once :wink:


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Joe_Fox said:
He's in Portugal so I'd say he's pretty much on holiday.
I doubt he's still there I think he probably went to one match then has gone elsewhere.


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homer237 said:
Sorry have i missed something? Ferdinand off to pompey?
Was news last week, 'arry is after him... If he carries on he's not going to stay with us unless Micky gets a decent squad together that Les thinks can challenge for promotion... :roll:


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You are right, Adams does deserve a holiday, but I am just concerned because while hes away its buisness as usual for everyone else...my only big worry is that there will be no competition for places. This will undoubtedly lead to complacent players.
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