Who do you WANT to win it now ?

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The Czechs will win. I put a fiver on them when the draw was made getting odds of 18-1. 8)


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Singth said:
The Czechs will win. I put a fiver on them when the draw was made getting odds of 18-1. 8)
Bloody good going matey, I think it will be either them or Holland now, so you may be well be £90 better of nextr week.

highland fox

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I've backed the Czechs @14/1 and the Danes@33/1 so tomorrow night one of those will be down.If I was to bet on a team now I'd go for Sweden.


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highland fox said:
Yes MK certainly put the mockers on the Swedes there didn't I,exactly why I stopped betting on the Nags 8 months ago!
sounds like a wise choice!
you should join our virtual betting ring on the betting forum. betting but without real cash! it must be easy because malf is winning!

i fancied greece before the off and got 66-1. portugal will win now if the czechs don't.


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DENMARK ALL THE WAY! there gonna take the cup!!

o yeah there my chosen team in that euro footie draw aswell!


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I fancy Denmark to do a job on the Czechs tonight. but i want the winner of this match to go on and win it, whom ever it is.

i think it would be a shame if Portugal or Holland win because out of the teams left in they have done nothing special to get there.

The Czechs have been great to watch and wonn their first 3 games. The Danes also have been entertaining to watch and can beat anyone on their day, and the Greeks have been a revelation. i just hope the winner comes from one of these 3 teams, they deserve it more.


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i want greece to win it - and see good man theo lift the trophy, but i think czech rep. will win it - a great double from baros this evening...
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