Will Muzzy leave?

What will happen to Mustafa?

  • He will leave at the end of the season

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  • He will stay and then sign a new contract

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There has been a lot of speculation surrounding our star players future. Aston Villa and Blackburn are rumoured to be after Izzet's services, but his contract doesn't end until the end of the season.

Will he leave in the January transfer window, will he stay till the end of the season and then leave, or will he stay and sign a new contract at the end of the season?
I think he'll go at the end of the season if we go down. I dont think he'd enjoy another season in division 1 with the ability he has got.
If we stay up i think he'll sign a new contract.
Cant wait till his testomonial. ;)
Well that is obvious :roll:
Good xmas scowy?
I have poorly kidneys and liver. Too much ale.
Wasn't too bad. Lots of drink, lost of food, and lot's of weight gain. :wink:

I'm still recovering from Last Night's drinking fest. :(
Last night was funny, ended up talking to my dad for 5 hours about city and whiskey, very drunk and very very ill in the morning. It was the coldest day of the year today. :lol:
He won't go blackburn for the same reason why he never went Boro, It's a shit hole!
i have 100% confidence that muzz wil stay! unless we get a gigantic fee for him the club probably wouldn't let him go! the way i see it is that there are 2 divisions in the premier league, theres the top 4 and then there's everyone else! muzzy wouldn't want to mve to blackburn as there not much better off than us and are just as likely to go down, don't forget that he has a family and a wife who is a leicestershire las and she would probably have a say in it. he also has a kid so he wouldn't want to move and unsettle her. unless a top 4 club came in for him then there aint much point in him moving to another mid table side! i beleive that we definatly won't go down and muz will stay till the summer then he will see no point in leaving the place he has lived in and loved and where the people adore him to a team who anit much better of than ourselves!
we have got to keep faith and realise that when you have decent players like muzz there is bound to be alot of speculation about him moving but like in the past with leeds, boro, villa, celtic, spurs and all the other clubs he has been linked with but the lad is an adopted leicestershireian (?) and he loves the place to much to leave!
Celtic will not touch Muzzy.
Izzet definately wouldn't go to scotland, name me 10 cockney's who have gone to play for a scottish team when their in demand elsewhere?
I couldn't name 1, proving your point beautifully Malf.
You crossed the ball, I rose like a salmon, and headed it into the back of the net.
Joe_Fox said:
I couldn't name 1, proving your point beautifully Malf.
You crossed the ball, I rose like a salmon, and headed it into the back of the net.

I once knew a man who actually looked like a salmon, it was amazing.
It was Impey, He rose like a salmon in his childhood.
Canvey Island I think.
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