Post Match Leicester 0 Chelsea 1 (FA cup QF)


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At least we can concentrate on trying to qualify for the Europa League.


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Why when you get to stoppage time do we **** about with the ball at the back? Once again **** all urgency about us. They were more keen to get a goal than we were.


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Angry with that second half, as soon as Chelsea started playing we we stopped competing. We are weak mentally, no leadership, no determination.


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Anyone even remotely surprised by that?
Only the the bit where we looked like we might score at the beginning. Other than that it was thoroughly predictable. Wasteful, limp, ran out of ideas, nothing Rodgers did worked other than the starting XI, conceded a shit goal to a shit player. Ticks every box for me for a game post Christmas.


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Appalling management. Taking Perez off made us so incredibly narrow and easy to defend against. That in turn, meant that we had to change shape and put on another striker. We didn't. Choudhury on for Praet was idiotic and I genuinely cannot fathom his thinking for that one. We were so much better in the first and dreadful in the second. Yes, their subs had infinitely more quality than ours but to battle that, we need to be savvy about how and when we use ours; Rodgers has absolutely no idea how to do this, whatsoever. It's not just the crowd thing with Vardy. Something is very wrong. He doesn't look at all fit. Either that or he doesn't look at all bothered. Either way it's a worry because we are completely impotent without him.

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Beaten easily by the better side. Lampard had Rodgers pants down after the first 15 mins.

Rodgers needs to be asked some real questions post match. He's messed up again here and didn't seem to have a clue what to do again.

If you're going to bring in Praet and Perez, why take them off early? Surely they need the minutes most? Barnes and Vardy were both very poor and stayed on too long. Iheanacho deserves better than he's being treated at the moment.

For the third successive match, Schmeichel is our best player. We've scored once in three matches and that was a freakish hit. Something is seriously wrong.
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