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Profondo Rosso
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Sep 19, 2018
Aug 10, 2006
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Feb 19, 1990 (Age: 28)

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Profondo Rosso

Well-Known Member, 28, from Portsmouth

This time 6 years ago, Riyad Mahrez' squad number was being worn by the one and only Astrit Ajdarevic... Dec 17, 2015

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Sep 19, 2018
    1. Profondo Rosso
      Profondo Rosso
      This time 6 years ago, Riyad Mahrez' squad number was being worn by the one and only Astrit Ajdarevic...
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    2. Profondo Rosso
      Profondo Rosso
      An inanimate carbon rod > Cotterill, Allardyce, Redknapp and Dyche combined.
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    3. SwedeFox
      I've had a look because you're always going on about them, I will have a proper listen some time soon. I try to keep an eye on what you're listening to, it's produced some results: I like Field Mice, to mention one, and at the moment I'm constantly trying to scat sing like Ella Fitzgerald (she was just unbelievably good at that).

      So will definitely look into that, cheers.
    4. tedfoxxx
      Just listened to Sawdust and Diamonds; beautiful.
    5. tedfoxxx
      Nope and nope. But if you recommend then I'll give them a go.
    6. tedfoxxx
      The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Editors, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys and so on.
    7. tedfoxxx
      Have to say my selection would be largely the same as yours, maybe;

      1. OK Computer
      2. In Rainbows
      3. Kid A
      4. Amnesiac
      5. Hail to the Thief
      6. The Bends
      7. Pablo Honey
    8. tedfoxxx
      Cheers :)

      I want you to know
      He's not coming back
      Look into my eyes
      I'm not coming back

      So knives out
      Catch the mouse
      Don't look down
      Shove it in your mouth

      If you'd been a dog
      They would've drowned you at birth

      Look into my eyes
      It's the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth
    9. Ian Marshall
      Ian Marshall

      At work writing an assignment on risk management, so this is a nice distraction!

      I always considered myself to be quite well informed and perhaps 'widely listened' but a) there is so much stuff out there and b) now it's just not the case. I think the only new stuff I've got in to over the last two years is Laura Marling (who I'm not even sure I like) and Conor Oberst - give him a go. I much prefer his stuff with the Mystic Valley Band than I do anything previous (save say 3 or 4 stand out Bright Eyes tracks).

      Anyway, I've never heard of this chap or the album, but I'm sure it is better than some other artists I was recommended as being the new Dylan (Fionn Regan and Dustin Kensrue).

      I will track it down and give it a listen mate.

      Do you only post here? I kind of came here because FT is blocked at work and I needed news and match reviews etc.

      Have you ever listened to/got in to the music of Hefner. Might be totally not your thing, but early Hefner I think is fantastic from a songwriting point of view. When I first got in to them I thought they were somewhere between Pavement and Kings of Convenience, but actually, they are (were) far better than either.

      What about Mountain Goats, Hidden Cameras, Wave Pictures etc? I'm probably listing off bands here that were popular about 5 years ago!
    10. tedfoxxx
      :081:Its all I can hear now when I listen to it!
    11. tedfoxxx
      Y'know when Thom Yorke sings 'rain down' at the end of Paranoid Android, don't you think it sounds he singing, 'Wayne Brown, Wayne Brown, c'mon Wayne Brown on me.....'

      Just a thought.
    12. foxychik
      I thought you would've changed your avatar to andy king by now :-)
    13. Profondo Rosso
      Profondo Rosso
      Haha, greatest post ever :D
    14. lestatillidie
      Profondo Rosso you are about 12 years old, i don't know why you believe your opinion is so valid. From what i have read in your posts you have shown nothing to feel you deserve abusing my opinion, go home to mummy you kid.
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    Feb 19, 1990 (Age: 28)


    "Don't kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you care about."