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New Forum

Discussion in 'Support - please read the FAQ first' started by webmaster, May 24, 2003.

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  1. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    Welcome to the new forum

    You don't have to register, but there are a number of features only registered members.

    As a member, you can:

    Edit messages you've posted.
    Delete messages you've posted
    Vote in polls
    Create new polls
    Receive email notification of replies.

    Plus other features that make it easier to use.

    Please read the FAQ for details of some of the advanced options.

    If you want to talk about other subjects, please use the General Chat forum.

    If you'd like a new forum to discuss other things (cricket, rugby?), please let me know and I'll add them to the site.
  2. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    It's now nearly 24 hours since the forum went live, and a few people have had problems with the forum, so here are some of the questions and answers we've had so far:

    "I can't log in"

    Have you received your registration email?
    If you have, and you've clicked on the link in the email to activate your account, please send a copy of the registration email to webmaster@leicestershire.com with details of your problem.

    If you haven't had your registration email, your email may have been blocked by a spam filter, you may have entered the wrong email address, or there may be other problems with your email account. Contact webmaster@leicestershire.com and I can manually approve your account.

    "The time is wrong"
    The default timezone setting for new users is GMT. We're currently one hour ahead of GMT, so to make sure the forum is showing the correct time you'll need to go into your profile settings and change your timezone to GMT + 1 hour

    "How do I use different colours/fonts?"
    The easiest way to use these options is to type the message normally, then use your mouse or keyboard to highlight the text you want to change, then select the font options. This will insert the correct formatting codes. If you try to use the formatting codes as you type the message there's a chance that the codes will be changed/deleted.
    If you do insert the codes as you type the message, click on "close tags", if you open a tag but don't close it the formatting won't work.

    "Auto login doesn't work"
    Auto login should work if you tick the box when you first log in. If you've done this but you're not logged in automatically it may be a problem with your cookie settings. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies, then log in again and see if it remembers you the next time you return.
    If it still doesn't work, try deleting your cookies, then starting a new broswer session before logging in again.

    "Why is my name appearing as "Guest?"
    If you're posting as an unregistered user, y9our name will appear as "guest" if you leave the username box empty. You can still enter a user name even if you're not registered, but the system won't let you use a name that's been registered by someone else.

    If anyone has any more questions, please ask.
  3. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    What a great forum 8)

    I would!
    I'd like a seperate section for Prediction League, to make it easier and just to see if it would be successful :)
  4. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    LCFC stuff should stay in the LCFC forum.

    People won't look in the prediction league forum, so not as many people will enter. So then you'll have to post reminders in the LCFC forum, which defeats the object of having a separate forum.

    Having a sticky thread each week is the best way of handling it.
  5. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

  6. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    I take it back, its not so great anymore. :(
    webmaster should also update this. Its not a Leicester City Forum anymore.

    its gay
  7. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    Do you spend your whole life going round looking for things to moan about?
  8. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    Just pointing it out to you.
  9. webmaster

    webmaster Moderator

    If you're 'just pointing out' something why did you include the tiny text at the bottom?
  10. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    That was my opinion on the major changes a few months back. I didnt want to offend anyone :?:
  11. Teeno

    Teeno New Member

    Was thinking the same.
  12. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    If you don't like it, don't use it.
  13. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    I dont like it, but it beats the OS, we have no decent messageboard for lcfc fans now so this is the only option.
  14. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    I would sooner this was just a Leicester bored like Petrescu. People want a forum with just Leicester fans, not other fans there aswell i.e Wolves.

    It was wrong to split up all the forums. If I had it my way I would call the site something Leicester related and I would have these forums:

    Leicester City
    General Chat
    Other Football related

    This is only a preference though and I can quite happily live with it how it is.
  15. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    Spot on, finally some back up :shock:
  16. Babylon

    Babylon Active Member

    You have x amount of leicester fans out there but you have god knows how many other fans who would use something like this. At the moment this costs webbo to run maybe if he brings in alot more people he can make a bit of cash out of it for himself with advertising etc, which could mean he might make some improvments to benefit everyone.

    At the end of the day if this place was so bad you wouldn't be here!!!! Webbo at the minute puts in money and time with no return and all we do is slag off what he's doing!!

    Has anyone ever heard the saying 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'
  17. Ricey

    Ricey New Member

    I'm not slagging off Webbo by any means, I'm so grateful for what he has done for this forum and my site.

    It is only how I personally would have things, not a complaint.
  18. City Fan

    City Fan Well-Known Member

    How about a forum like this one for all fans of everything, and a forum just for Leicester fans?? :wink: :wink:
  19. Petrescu

    Petrescu Member

    How about Yes.
    Webmaster why is there a new football forum in the football section on this football board

    Registered users don't see these ads
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