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  • Hello Lee, You asked about the Martin Allen sacking. I am sending it as a private message because I am not sure of my facts - obviously I am not privy to Milan's thoughts. We do know that Milan stated it was not for football reasons.
    I had a friend who worked as a cleaner at Belvoir Drive who talked about the dreadful way he and the other "lowly" staff were trated by Martin Allen (foul language etc) so that coming into work was an ordeal. Filthy language to players may or may not be acceptable filthy language to middle aged women is not. My friends wedding reception was attended by a number of the staff at Belvoir Drive (noone important) and they were saying they had received advice to keep a written log of all incidents. My friend who left under Holloway when the cleaning was contracted out believed that Milan sacking Martin Allen saved the club from the publicity and embarrassment of an employment tribunal. My friend was greatly relieved when Martin Allen left calling him foul mouthed and a bully. On the other hand "the little people" found Ian Holloway a delight to work with.
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