Pre Match Burnley v Leicester - POSTPONED

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Brown Nose

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BR is in a difficult position and I sympathise with him.

When he picks any new player for a PL appearance, they become 'live' for the future and are treated as senior players for the purposes of asking for postponments. As a result, Daley-Campbell and McAteer are now treated as senior players following McAteer coming on for 10 mins a few weeks ago and Daley-Campbell starting for us in the LC earlier this season.

In order to avoid postponements, dispensation was given for this weekend so BR was able to select some additional young players and put them on the pitch without them counting. However, there is no real incentive to him to put new players on the pitch in the PL. Therefore, don't expect to see any of the other kids involved on Saturday unless there is no alternative.

In order for the game to go ahead, four players that weren't available for the proposed Everton match would need to be available for Saturday. The ones who could be included here would be Soyuncu, Thomas, Dewsbury-Hall, Soumare and Justin. I don't think any of the other absentees will be available.

Therefore, I think that four of those five will have to be available and no other players can afford to drop out or we'll be looking to postpone this match as well. All it will take is a couple of set backs and/or a minor Covid outbreak and it's got no chance.


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Newcastle are close to swooping for Chris Wood. Met his release clause apparently. That’s a positive for us.


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Just saw Wilson is out for months. Makes sense now.

Weakens Burnley in the bargain.
No doubt he will sign for ludicrous wages that no other team would pay, hopefully Chris Wood also insists on a 4 year deal with no relagation clause, Newcastle are so desperate they will agree.


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if fit (big if)

Castagne Soyuncu Vestegaard
Albrighton Tielemans D-Hall Thomas
Maddison Barnes Lookman

only one i have issues about is Vestegaard who is slower than the erstwhile Larsen C ice shelf

I wouldn't mind if Brunt were left centre back and if we saw Madivadua or McAteer in the squad again.

Would seem too early for Justin against what is likely to be a physical side....

Can't wait for us to have the dilemma of how to get Vardy, JJ, Fofana, Evans, Ndidi, Amartey, Iheanacho, Ricardo, Soumare, Daka back in to the squad, let alone the side....


What, when, how has Soumare done to himself? He just appeared on the injury list as far as I remember. Maybe just an administrative error...
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