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captains armband

if matty did not play regualy who would be best for the job

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either ferdy cause he is the most expereianced
or muzzy cause he is the best player.


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Defo Muzzy - He's the longest serving and most loyal player at the club.

And the position he plays too - A link between the defence and forward line.


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I like Sinclair as captain. We always seem to play better when he has the airband.
I hate to say it, but I think Matty id going to be exposed by the pase of the Pship. I was surprised he was chosen to retain the captain as I didn't think he would be in the first team for every game.
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Liverpool  24
Manchester City  16
Arsenal  15
Leicester  14
Chelsea  14
Palace  14
Burnley  12
West Ham Utd  12
Tottenham   11
10 Bournemouth  11
11 Wolves  10
12 Manchester Utd  9
13 Sheffield Utd  9
14 Brighton  9
15 Aston Villa  8
16 Newcastle Utd  8
17 Southampton  7
18 Everton  7
19 Norwich City  6
20 Watford  3