Classic Leicester songs and chants


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I only had three seasons watching us at Filbo and I don’t think I’ve heard an original or funny chant since.


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Jason Lee was the original one and it wasn't used as a term of endearment.
The first time I heard that song it was sung at Lawrence, I think by West Ham fans when we played them at Filbert Street in February 1995.

Jason Lee got the attention because it was taken up by Baddiel and Skinner on their Fantasy Football programme, but I don't think he was the first.


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I remember Jamie Lawrence (who I believe did time for armed robbery) scoring a diving header in a cup match and getting knocked out in the process and stretchered off. Birchenall, at half time gave everyone the good news.... the pineapple is fine.
Scarborough in the cup

camberwell fox

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There's a circus in the town, in the town...

Ewan is a Welshman...

A spoonfull of Sugar...

Ormandroyd, Ormandroyd, flying down the wing,
Ormandroyd, Ormandroyd, strange looking thin.
Pass him the ball,
Gosh, he is tall.
Ormandroyd, Ormandroyd, Ormandroyd.
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