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We all sort of fall into support of our teams, by whatever means. I'm not originally from Leicester but started following them 30 years ago because this is where I 'ended up'. My kids have been supporting since they were old enough to sit and watch in the stands, or on my lap in my eldest's case. I am so proud and so glad I fell into this club.

Rock Fox

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Fond memories of going to Filbert Street in the 1960 – 70’s. I went to Uni and have worked in Manchester for years – and people were amazed that I supported Leicester (“but you live in Manchester, and you still support Leicester?”) And so on until I worked in Africa and the question – “You are English - do you support Manchester, Liverpool or Arsenal?” The answer was I was born in Leicester and that’s the team I went to watch with my Dad and Uncle, I couldn’t change to support any other team. I had an affinity for Leicester and that’s the way it was – however I agree with what others have said recently; as well as wanting City to win every match, I feel a growing sense pride in the club and owners (and fans) actions and achievements, both in terms of the football and the sense of community. Long may it continue – COYB!

Fox Fan

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Just got an automated phone call from Jamie Vardy to tell me to stay safe, observe social distancing and keep going through the lock down. :038::038::038::038::038:


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Can’t believe these great calls you’ve all had - I got one from ****ing Tommy English

How can that be fair ?

pork pie fox

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My mate Christian said he couldn't be arsed with ringing the likes of you.
After an hours worth of listening to chat about CBILs, following yesterday’s enthralling 1.5 hours of Package Tour Regulations talk and I reckon I’d decline the call anyway :icon rolleyes:
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Liverpool 29  82
Manchester City 28  57
Leicester 29  53
Chelsea 29  48
Manchester Utd 29  45
Wolves 29  43
Sheffield Utd 28  43
Tottenham  29  41
Arsenal 28  40
10 Burnley 29  39
11 Palace 29  39
12 Everton 29  37
13 Newcastle Utd 29  35
14 Southampton 29  34
15 Brighton 29  29
16 West Ham Utd 29  27
17 Watford 29  27
18 Bournemouth 29  27
19 Aston Villa 28  25
20 Norwich City 29  21